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Aspire, Ascend, Transcend !

Impetus – the corporate training wing of IPH (Institute for Psychological Health) focuses on this much neglected aspect of a healthy and happy self. Our goal is to help participants excel at managing their emotions, evoking rational thinking and work towards the comfort within!


Any business, any transaction in any domain or technology involves people dealing with people. Interactions happen between people. Decisions are made by people. People often work for people.

For any organization, their teams and people are an invaluable asset!

While organizations invest heavily in training, coaching and mentoring of this human taskforce, the focus remains often on Skills and Behavior enhancement. The equally important third dimension of an individual – Emotional regulation is neglected or assumed to be healthy. In reality, emotional literacy and regulation is still a meek skill for many; never focused on and practiced in any of our curriculum.

With our practitioners donning the hats of trainers, we bring in rich experience of mental health professionals to training rooms, which otherwise is confined to clinics. The team is coached and mentored by Dr. Anand Nadkarni who brings in 30+ years of experience and wisdom of working with corporate workforce. With Comprehensive mental health at the core, we work with corporates as a community of their employees and extended families.

Apart from group training modules, we also have a forte in one-to-one coaching and psychometric testing services, helping corporates nurture the talent in line with aspirations of the organization and teams!

For enquiries and bookings –

Please write to or  Call 7588098054 / 9822667388

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