Dr. Sukhada Chimote

Center Head, IPH Pune

Dr. Sukhada Chimote is the first Consultant Psychiatrist in the country to start the Satellite Office of Albert Ellis Institute Affiliated Training Centre, India.

After completing her Post Graduation in Psychiatry (Gold Medalist) from Mumbai, she joined Institute for Psychological Health, a pioneer Institute in Community Mental Health based in Thane, where she is working as a Consultant since last 6 years.

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Dr. Sukhada developed interest in practicing CBT & REBT while in her active psychiatry practice, under the guidance of her mentor, Dr. Anand Nadkarni, who has been teaching & propagating REBT in the Indian context for more than three decades.

After completing her Advanced Certificate Practicum from Albert Ellis Institute, New York, Dr.Sukhada now also functions as Head, The Beautiful mind, the Satellite Office of Albert Ellis Institute ATC India, based at Institute for Psychological Health.

Dr. Sukhada has gained valuable insights in application of CBT & REBT at different stages of mental health – namely disorder, distress & development, which are reflected in her modules and training programs, like-

  • ABCD of REBT (with more than 17 successful batches over two years)
  • Masta Majeche Aai Baba (Tailor made parenting workshop of two days for Effective Parenting in different age groups)
  • Inner Horizons (A two days workshop specially designed for women, for knowing themselves better)
  • PASSWORD ANANDACHA– Password to Happiness! (A developmental Module of two days for the community)
  • ASMI – Workshop for adolescents to discover their hidden talents & potentials, and to develop healthy coping skills

…and many more !!

Dr. Sukhada is also into corporate Training, working regularly with clients using principles of REBT – Reliance, Siemens, Cipla, Bharat Petroleum, etc, to name a few.

Dr. Sukhada believes in using CBT & REBT principles in her own life experiences as the key to become an effective REBT practitioner. Experiences of day to day practice bring in her a rare blend of the clinical acumen of a medical doctor & REBT based counseling approach for her clients.

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