From the desk of: Dr. Anand Nadkarni

From the desk of:
Dr. Anand Nadkarni, MD., D.P.M., F.I.P.S.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to IPH Pune……

As a young postgraduate student of clinical psychology I wrote my dream on a paper, 37 years
ago.Almost in a trance I visualized a space where mental health and society happily lived together to
nurture healthy development of all human being. The challenge to achieve this was a presence of a
strong ‘stigma’…. a band of negative prejudiced beliefs that isolated my domain of mental health
from the cultural mainstream and restricted its essence to the symptomatic treatment of severe
mental illness, that too by labeling individuals and segregating them from the majority.

This was the starting point of a vision ,”Mental Health For All” and a mission to set up IPH,Institute
For Psychological Health.From a less than a modest beginning with two empty rooms and donation
of two tables and four chairs we have now metamorphosed as a premier institute in this country
relentlessly working on the model of “Community Mental Health” providing affordable services in
the segments of Disorder, Distress and Development.Through it’s innovative projects and
programs it effectively bridges the gap between society and mental health.

More than an institute, it has become a people’s movement where mental health professional and
volunteers come together. After successfully implementing this model of “ community mental
health” in the city of Thane(In the state of Maharashtra); IPH is replicating the same in the historic
city of Pune where tradition meets modernism.

Replicability is the essence of any scientific process. From its pleasant centre in the heart of Pune ,
IPH has started spreading its wings towards a sky that has no discrimination and barriers ….. From
the “Blues” of Depression to the “Healthy Blue” of mental health and actualization ….. towards a
more empathic human being & a more accepting world.

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