Mental Health Awareness at Workplace / Community :

What is Manovikas?

‘Manovikas’is a basic Mental Health Awareness presentation that aims to sensitize people on issues such as :

  • What is mind
  • Mind – Body Relationship
  • Definition of health & how mind plays an important roles
  • Disturbances in Mind
  • Disorders of Mind & Treatments
  • Stigma and prejudices
  • Uniting society, families & individuals with Mental Health.

The format is of a ‘one-hour’ stand-up talk show, by a team of two trained volunteers.

It can be presented in Marathi/ Hindi / English languages.

As per the audience the script can be moulded. There is an assortment of role-play situations that is developed that can suit different groups.

The goal of the presentation is to sensitize the audience regarding Mind & Mental disorders & attempt to clear prevalent misconceptions.

How was it conceived ?

Institute for Psychological Health is a voluntary organization working in the field of Mental Health for last three decades. This presentation was conceived in early eighties by Dr. Anand Nadkarni (Consultant Psychiatrist) and Dr. Shubha Thatte (Consultant Psychologist). This duo used present this program from various social & cultural platforms. When IPH started functioning in 1990, they thought that this sensitization module can be replicated. They started this project with following steps.

  • Identifying Community Volunteers based on
  • A Written response document
  • Personal interviews
  • Selected volunteers were trained

Content  =  Two Days  =  14 Hours
Presentation  =  Two Days  =  14 Hours
Simulation Workshop  =  One Day  =  7 Hours
Feedback Workshop  =  One Day  7 Hours (after pilot programme)

Total Training  =  Six Days  =  42 Hours (Over a span of three to four months)

  • Bimonthly follow-up meetings were organized with the group as they started presenting programs
  • A training manual was evolved
  • A set of DVDs was also evolved.

Impact of Manovikas

In last 18 years, Manovikas volunteers of IPH have presented over 1000 programs in almost all districts in Maharashtra addressing a range of population.

It has reached as diverse groups such as sex workers, jail convicts, industrial workers, women’s groups, teachers & students in school.

The impact analysis shows that there was a significant shift in knowledge level of the audience before and after the input session.

At many places, local Mental Health professionals are invited to participate in the question-answer session after the presentation.

Why Manovikas should spread?

Manovikas is a program presented by trained volunteers. This fact itself starts the process of Destigmatization in the Community. Its simple, direct format without frills is easy to adapt to different situations. The Volunteers are observed to evolve as Mental Health ambassadors of Community in which they live.

Collaboration between IPH & BHARAT FORGE (Corporate Organization)

Bharat Forge (BF) is an organization that is sensitive towards health needs of its employees as well as the community with which it works as a CSR outreach initiative. If it takes lead in training the volunteers then it will become a path breaking sensitization program that will address an important aspect of health.

Sensitization leads to awareness and awareness leads to help seeking behavior. This has been often demonstrated in the field of community health.

Steps of implementing the project:

1 – Initial Meeting with pivotal Groups

  • Ladies in the community
  • Employees of the company

2 – Assessment and selection of volunteers

3 – Training of Volunteers

4 – Feedback sessions and monitoring

5 – Annual Review sessions

6 – Documentation

7 – Impact Analysis

Costing of the Project :

IPH and its team of professional trainers as well as trained volunteers will be coordinating the effort under the guidance of Dr. Anand Nadkarni

Step 1 & 2 : Rs. 50,000
Step 3 : Rs. 30,000
Step 4 & 5 : As per the actual time spent
Step 7 & 8 : To be decided at that stage

All the summary :

Manovikas is a unique Mental Health sensitization program that has proven its effectiveness in different strata of the society.

The collaboration between IPH (a leading voluntary agency in the field of Mental Health) and Bharat Forge Ltd. (an organization focused on employee welfare & social responsibility) will be carving a path breaking project in the field of both Human Resource Development & Corporate Social responsibility.

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