On Mental Health

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Mental Health for All is our credo. The three layers that our services span are Disorder, Distress and Development. While working towards Developmental goals it becomes necessary to create and contribute to various forms of content that can reach out to masses to create awareness and knowledge about various mental health aspects.

Experts at IPH talk at multiple events & workshops, publish articles through newspapers & magazines. They have written award winning books on various topics.


AVAHAN (Audio Visual Aids for Health and Nurturance) team @ IPH has created a product catalog comprising of CDs and DVDs disseminating the knowledge to larger audience comprising of mental health professionals, students, patients, caregivers as well as common people.

शुभंकर : पापण्यांमागचे पाणी आणि आभाळाएवढं मन

जगामध्ये रहाणाऱ्या एकूण लोकसंख्येपैकी सुमारे …

आय.पी.एच.पुणेसाठी भावी स्वयंसेवक

आय.पी.एच. अर्थात इन्स्टिटयूट फॉर सायकॉलॉजिकल हेल्थ …

मनआरोग्य क्षेत्रातील प्रभावी युती : ठाणे आणि पुणे

संस्था उभारणीच्या कामाला लागून बत्तीस वर्षांचा …