Psychometric Assessment

We offer following psychometric assessments for the corporates:

  1. Basic Stress & Coping Inventory
    This tool helps people realize how stressed they are and what coping skills are available to deal with the same. Stressors are beyond our control. However, if we develop our coping skills, then the same stressors are not so debilitating.
  2. Golden Personality Type Indicator
    This helps us understand how we respond to the environment, think and deal with challenges on Introversion – Extroversion, Thinking – Feeling, Sensing – Intuition, Organized - Open-ended. This helps us to understand self as well as others better.
  3. Watson Glaser Test of Critical Reasoning
    This is Gold standard for understanding how people process information and take decisions.
  4. DAT – Differential Aptitude Test
    This test is useful to know the natural abilities the person has and how to leverage the same.
  5. MLQ- The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire based on Bass & Avio theory of leadership.
  6. Belbin Team Roles – Helps understand the different team roles and how people fit into the same.
  7. NEO PI R – Personality Test based on the Big Five theory. Helps with the understanding of how personality and responses to challenges.
  8. MBTI – Based on the personality theory of Jung. This too gives insight along the lines of Golden Personality.
  9. MIPS – Millon’s Index of Personality.

All the above-mentioned tests are available online and the latest versions of the tests are used.

Sample reports of the above are available and can be presented for further clarity. We can source other tests that may be needed to fulfill the need of our clients.

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