IPH (Institute for Psychological Health) was founded in 1990 in Thane by Dr. Anand Nadkarni (renowned psychiatrist, author and orator)


 Credo of IPH since then has been – ‘Mental Health for All’ – ‘सुदृढ मन सर्वांसवठी’.

 IPH works towards this vision of Comprehensive Mental Health – Treatment of Disorders, Intervention for distress and Development through empowerment!

 In its journey of 28 eventful years it has evolved a rich umbrella of services, initiatives, events, projects and collaborations that address all conceivable age groups, all socioeconomic strata and a wide range of individuals & teams.

Largest functioning group in voluntary sector, in the area of mental health across the whole country. (Team of 70 mental health professionals, 40 admin team members and over 100 trained volunteers)

 From March 2018, IPH is starting its Pune Activity Center to cater to the community and corporate workforce in and around this vibrant and dynamically growing city.


Dr. Anand Nadkarni, founder trustee of IPH, has given more than thirty five years of his career for the cause of comprehensive mental health. As a mentor, he is now available to share his wisdom with a young team of IPH Pune, empowering them to create a more evolved model of comprehensive Community Mental Health.


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