Short Capsules

These are short duration modules which are designed on principle of ‘edutainment’. These are based on the theme of picking cues from History, Bollywood etc. to connect with the audience, invoking their thought process for better emotional management.

Duration of these modules is 2 to 3 hours and can be conducted for a larger audience. These compact and power packed modules make them ideal choice for Friday evening activity once a month!

  1. Shivaji the CEO
  2. Assault with Salt (Dandi March)
  3. That Man, that speech (Vivekananda in Chicago)
  4. Agra vanishing act
  5. Bollywood and stress management
  6. Short Films and Rainbow of Emotions

Theme based short firms followed by discussions

शुभंकर : पापण्यांमागचे पाणी आणि आभाळाएवढं मन

जगामध्ये रहाणाऱ्या एकूण लोकसंख्येपैकी सुमारे …

आय.पी.एच.पुणेसाठी भावी स्वयंसेवक

आय.पी.एच. अर्थात इन्स्टिटयूट फॉर सायकॉलॉजिकल हेल्थ …

मनआरोग्य क्षेत्रातील प्रभावी युती : ठाणे आणि पुणे

संस्था उभारणीच्या कामाला लागून बत्तीस वर्षांचा …