Sustainable Development & Mental Health

'The unseen/ taken for granted factor in SDG : Mental Health'

The word ‘Development’ essentially means ‘Empowerment.’ Without empowerment there is only aid given and distributed. Empowerment cannot come unless you consider a very simple framework of mind, a triad of thinking, feeling and behaviour. Empowerment is a process of ownership that involves mind…. Mind of individual, family, village, city, community, state, Nation & humanity.

Yet all of us, people working in the field of development… Education, Health, self employment, agriculture, environment, sports and so on…. take the aspects of mind as …. unseen, granted, will be automatically taken care off…..

All individuals, NGOs working in development sector are often quite empathic, sensitive to the needs of community… yet these skills are not very often trained with Mental Health expert’s inputs.

Care Study: IPH work with Lupin CSR & Deshbandhu Gupta Foundation.

Its important that if ’empowerment’ is the key word in sustainable development, then Mental Health has to emerge as a pivotal area.

But ‘mind’ is considered abstract and also many of us consider ourselves experts in the business of mind…. Experientially yes… but conscious training wise…?


Onus to a great extent lies with us the mental health professionals. For a long time we have been hiding behind the paucity of our strength…. 7000 psychiatrists in a country of 130 crores…. Most psychiatrists & psychologists continue to work in the area of Mental Disorders … And then a belief emerges that Mental Health = Mental Disorders.

What is Mental Health?

  • Disorders
  • Distress
  • Development

Limited eye-view of professionals is the reason why our profession has not been able to make a social mark. And therefore ‘Destigmatization’ has not occurred.

Emergence of CSR and its partnership with various voluntary agencies is actually a glorious opportunity to Destimgatize mental health.


CSR organization & partners can be sensitized on mental health issues.


Because of increasing ‘stress’ levels in corporate life these organizations have a perceived need of mental health

Some organizations also have a culture to give impetus to personality Development through mentoring & coaching programs. They can advocate Mental Health Agenda with their CSR Partners.

Whether its a rural development project as sponsoring sports stars, addition of Mental Health angle.

Example: Two of Bharat Forge sponsored players already taken help from IPH.

All education related project can empower stakeholders with Mental Health issues

Example: Shikshak Mitra of IPH

IPH work with ZP teachers.

IPH Palakshala


The leadership & team related angles at individual and group levels can be handled effectively if we handle mental health inputs.

Positive psychology & Positive Psychiatry are key terms in World Mental Health today.

In fact the very basis of UN charter on SDG is Altruism, looking beyond self-centered goals and pursuits.

The very concept of Altruism is from mental health. ‘Beyond profit, towards people and the planet’ is the very essence of CSR activities.

Example: Training a team of CSR team members on ‘Neuroscience of Altruism.’

Nothing can be sustained without energy. Although physical energy is the driving force behind our behavior, the real navigating force is that of mind…. The fuel of cognition & the spark of emotion….

With CSR on our side & the spirit of voluntary organizations along with…. This energy itself can become sustainable…. that is synergy.


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