Road to Pune IPH

After the idea of Pune IPH conceived we started taking strides to bring it to reality. In almost four
months time a journey of inception to inauguration is getting completed.

A core group for Pune IPH was constituted with participation of people from different walks of life.

Project Mentors

  • Dr. Anil Avachat
  • Dr. Mohan Agashe
  • Dr. Vikas Nadkarni

Core Team

  • Dr. Anand Nadkarni
  • Dr. Sukhada Chimote
  • Deepak Palshikar
  • Inayat Shaikh
  • Shilpa Joshi
  • Mukul Joshi
  • Pradeep Kulkarni
  • Nikhil Mokashi
  • Uday Panchpor
  • Mukta Puntambekar
  • Deepa Deshmukh
  • Sonali Kale
  • Vasant Vasant Limaye
  • Neelambari Joshi
  • Dr. Sanjyot Deshpande

In an informal brainstorming meeting we started working on different goals. To secure a leased out space was the first priority. After searching many options the team finally found a bungalow where Dr. Sukhada (In charge to be of Pune IPH team) instantly visualised the institute. The owners of this place who stay in Mumbai were contacted and a round of possession and negotiations culminating in they joining hands with our cause without harming their interests. The agreement was duly made, signed and registered.

The next step was to mould this place according to our needs. Along with space specialist Anita Yadnyopawit the IPH Pune team members started discussing the patterns and designs. We had to start from Zero. Get everything from pin to piano. The renovation work started with hectic pace. Different consultants joined hands.  A list of vendors started emerging who would functionally help us in getting things done.

  • Sunil Joshi
  • Girish Laad
  • Dilip Shah
  • Shailesh Bodhak

were a few who provided their full support.

The new visual identity of IPH was conceived by eminent artist Shyam Deshpande and designs started flowing in from the LOGO to the stationery.

All this needed funds. On 30th January , Pune IPH core team organised a well-wishers meet attended by over hundred individuals who responded by contributing generously towards our cause.

We were fortunate to have a team of empathic CSR partners Namely:

  • Morde Foods
  • Persistent Foundation
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Praj Foundation
  • R & D Poly products
  • Ador Welding

The team members of Siemens Technology–SET group not only raised individual funds butalso navigated the IT installation at our centre.

Mean while small focused groups meetings were held to sensitize probable partners. Health support groups across the city of Pune were contacted and a “Health support Group Hub” was conceived as a innovative idea. VEDH an established event of IPH that moulds young minds  and their families is already functional in the city of Pune for last seven years. The team started contributing to the event of inauguration of Pune IPH.

Meanwhile under the stewardship of Dr. Sukhada Chimote, a clinical team of young mental health professionals was being formed. Simultaneously for roles such as front office, reception, accounts and housekeeping many individuals were interviewed by core team members. All selected team members underwent extensive training at the IPH, Thane to familiarize them with both systems and culture of the organization.

On one hand the designing of IPH Pune website & FB page was on. On the other side the print media publicity plan was made. A press conference was held to brief members of the media and to seek their cooperation.

The inauguration event had to be unique and thought provoking. A talk show was designed around the theme of  ”Healthy coping with life” with  four eminent personalities from different walks of life contributing towards it. On the very next day well-wishers were invited to visit the fresh and new premises of IPH Pune.

And here we are ready to start the journey of helping individuals, families and society  for a better today and tomorrow….

One step ahead in realizing our dream, Mental Health For All.

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